XRP Price Analysis

• The XRP price has resumed with a fine upswing, printing the third consecutive bullish candle to clear the major resistance at $0.47.
• Bulls are required to clear the crucial trend line in order to ignite a notable rise beyond 0.00002 BTC, which records a 20% jump initially.
• If XRP price breaks above $0.5 to $1.33 levels, then it may soar high to hit $22 according to popular analyst Dark Defender.

Bulls Gearing Up

The XRP price against USDT has been breaking the upper resistance while the XRP price against Bitcoin is also showing acute strength and testing the upper resistance again. Bulls have lifted the price close to one of the major resistance that may pave the way for a healthy breakout toward the initial threshold at $0.5 and spark a fresh upswing toward the dollar. Popular analyst Captian Faibik predicts that if successful, this breakout could lead to an epic +40-50% Bullish Rally.

Ripple vs SEC Case

As speculation around Ripple’s case against US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues, XRP’s strength is also growing stronger every day. This could potentially result in a successful retest of key resistance levels and trigger a 50% upswing in no time.

Analysis from Experts

Popular analysts such as Captain Faibik and Dark Defender agree that if bulls can break out successfully, there will be an epic 40-50% rally in XRP prices towards $22 from current levels of around $0.5-$1.33 depending on how much further they manage to go past these levels of resistance before triggering any pullbacks or corrections thereafter..


XRP seems poised for another strong uptrend as its price nears some key resistances across different pairs against USDT and Bitcoin alike with analysts predicting an epic 40-50% bull run should these resistances be broken successfully soon enough without any significant pullbacks or corrections coming into play along the way before then!

Von Otto