TelexFree financial pyramid leader may go to prison for 30 years after STF approves extradition to the U.S.

Businessman was arrested in Búzios – RJ in February 2020 and was awaiting decision on serving time in another country

US businessman Carlos Nataniel Wanzeler will be extradited to the United States for involvement in the TelexFree financial pyramid, according to Uol. According to the STF’s decision, the accused may serve up to 30 years in prison outside Brazil.

Wanzeler, who is said to be the leader of one of the largest financial pyramids in the market, was arrested in Brazil and was awaiting the extradition trial in prison. With the recent STF ruling, the businessman is to be handed over to the US, where he is responsible for crimes such as money laundering.

Thus, the leader of TelexFree could be imprisoned in that country for 30 years, according to the agreement between Brazil and the United States on the extradition of the businessman responsible for the financial pyramid that moved US$3 billion.

Financial Pyramid Leader

TelexFree is considered one of the largest financial pyramids that have ever operated in the financial market. The coup has injured millions of investors and moved about R$ 16 billion, considering the current quotation for the US dollar.

Thus, the leader of the Carlos Nataniel Wanzeler scheme, was denounced in the United States for his involvement with the financial pyramid. The businessman is responsible for 17 crimes, such as money laundering and foreign exchange fraud.

However, Wanzeler fled to Brazil in search of not serving time in the United States for his involvement with TelexFree. To escape, the financial coup leader managed to get out of the US via the Canadian border, using a car.

Soon after, Wanzeler boarded for São Paulo – SP and was arrested in February 2020 while in Búzios – RJ. Since then, the businessman has been arrested and will be extradited to the USA.

STF decision

The arrest of businessman Carlos Nataniel Wanzeler was determined by the STF, after the leader of TelexFree decided to flee to Brazil. However, in collaboration with the United States, the second class of the STF decided to extradite the accused.

According to the rapporteur of the case, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, the businessman’s performance in the financial pyramid business should be framed as stellar if the crime were to be tried in Brazil.

On the other hand, the STF presented as a condition for the extradition of the businessman of TelexFree that the United States may not impose a sentence exceeding 30 years in prison.

Furthermore, the agreement between the two countries establishes that the months that Wanzeler was imprisoned in Brazil will be counted in the final sentence of the businessman that will be established by the U.S. soon after the extradition.

Crime in Brazil

Besides responding to financial crimes in the United States, Wanzeler is also responsible for TelexFree’s operations in Brazil. The company accused as a financial pyramid has claimed millions of victims worldwide, with the promise of easy profit and referral system.

Although the coup is not related to cryptomorphs, TelexFree is considered one of the largest financial pyramids that has ever existed, and may have claimed two million victims, with a significant performance in Brazil, where the coup was initiated.

However, the businessman Wanzeler was not judged by the second group of the STF for the performance of the financial pyramid scheme in Brazil. In the decision on the extradition of the businessman, the reporter of the STF points out similarities between the charges in Brazil and in the USA, but states that those involved in the coup are not the same.