Polkadot and Ethereum are meant to coexist, according to Gavin Wood

Polkadot (DOT) founder Gavin Wood has expressed his ambition for the project. And he doesn’t particularly see Ethereum as a competitor …

Ethereum and Polkadot, brought to coexist?

As a reminder, before being the creator of Polkadot, Gavin Wood is the founder of Ethereum. This is why he was asked about the subject during the Polkadot Summit which took place yesterday. Wood explains the positioning of Bitcoin Bank app, which he considers to be “ a bet against the maximalism of blockchains“ . According to him, building Ethereum as a single blockchain that would cover all the needs is not a good idea. He believes that the strength of the ecosystem is precisely interoperability, which is Polkadot’s credo:

“If Ethereum becomes a chain to be bridged with, I think there is a very good chance that Polkadot and Ethereum will coexist . “

Polkadot, a threat to Ethereum?

The Polkadot project has in any case seen a breakthrough this year , with a fanfare arrival in the top 10 cryptocurrency by capitalization, thanks to several successful token sales . And beyond the economic factors, the project has attracted many developers thanks to its promise: that of creating interconnected environments.

The DOT price therefore logically reflected this nascent enthusiasm… At least until the end of November. The DOT price followed the Bitcoin bull run (BTC), approaching its all-time high at over $ 6 a week and a half ago. But it had plummeted very sharply, losing -21% in the space of a day:

Since then, the price has managed to bounce back, even if it does not reach levels similar to ten days ago. However, it takes + 9 % over the week . Today, the capitalization of DOT stands at nearly $ 5 billion.