• OpenAI Limited Partnership is negotiating with Golem (GLM) to use their available computing power to balance the load of Microsoft’s Azure data centre.
• This partnership could help OpenAI expand its servers and meet their ambitious growth targets in response to the increasing popularity of ChatGPT.
• Golem has a tokenomics system that allows it to provide a decentralized supercomputer, which OpenAI is set to use if the testing phase is successful.

OpenAI and Golem Negotiations

OpenAI Limited Partnership has started negotiations with Golem (GLM) in order to harness the available computing power that would help balance the load of Microsoft’s Azure data centre. This comes as OpenAI looks for opportunities beyond conventional Datacenters due to increasing popularity of ChatGPT and lack of infrastructure to meet their ambitious growth targets.

Golem’s Tokenomics System

Golem has a unique tokenomics system that works on providing a blockchain network with the largest decentralized supercomputer in existence. This system makes CGI rendering and scientific calculations possible and can be adapted easily for AI computation as both are parallelizable and can be divided into thousands of servers all over the world. Due to this, OpenAI wants to become one of the largest buyers of GLM tokens so they can reserve their right to use Golem’s decentralized supercomputer infrastructure when required.

Advantages Of Using Golem

The advantages of using Golem’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) include availability of massive computational resources on-demand, which makes it one of the largest projects associated with Golem till date. It will also help reduce dependence on Microsoft for expansion during peak hours, making it easier for OpenAI Limited Partnership’s ambitions goals for growth come true within time constraints posed by limited access to conventional datacentres, such as Azure Data Centre owned by Microsoft.

Testing Phase

Before any progress is made in this collaboration between OpenAI and Golem, there needs to be successful completion of testing phase before either party commits itself officially into this project fully. After passing through all tests conducted individually by both parties involved, only then can they move towards creating an agreement that binds them together in terms of using each other’s services while abiding by certain conditions laid out mutually between them both before hand.


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