$ 175 million in BTC & 74 hours of continuous trading! This is how the Bitcoin purchase from

MicroStrategy has become the figurehead for the spread of Bitcoin in companies. As the only publicly traded company, MicroStrategy has turned to BTC as a capital reserve in which the capital is stored.

The announcement last month of their decision to dump the US dollar in favor of BTC to store capital was a big step – as it shows that the benchmark digital asset is gaining in utility as a store of value.

For a company with hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, this decision makes sense as Bitcoin’s scarcity allows it to avoid the massive losses that would otherwise result from inflation.

Getting that much BTC in without going over the counter (OTC) and driving the price up, however, isn’t an easy task – and the company’s CEO explained in a recent tweet how they went about it.

MicroStrategy now holds 38,250 Bitcoin

Earlier this week, Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor announced that his company had stepped up its use of Bitcoin, adding $ 175 million in value to the digital asset.

That massive purchase came just weeks after the company announced its plans to switch to an alternative, Bitcoin -centric financial strategy. They now intend to keep all of their capital reserves in BTC – to avoid inflation and devaluation of the US dollar, which is being printed at unprecedented rates.

This strategy is unprecedented and was initiated with the purchase of a whopping $ 250 million worth of digital asset.

On September 15, the company revealed that it had bought even more BTC – valued at $ 175 million – through the spot retail investor markets. This could have caused the price of Bitcoin to soar to $ 10,900 while the rest of the market trended lower.

The company’s total inventory now stands at 38,250 Bitcoin for a total purchase price of $ 425 million.

This is how MicroStrategy hit the market at 16,796 BTC

During the final round of buying, MicroStrategy used the retail investor market to purchase their Bitcoins – securing 16,796 BTC over 74 hours of continuous trading. CEO Michael Saylor:

“To acquire 16,796 BTC (announced 9/14/20), we traded for 74 hours continuously and executed 88,617 trades ~ 0.19 BTC every 3 seconds. ~ $ 39,414 in BTC per minute, but we were always ready to buy $ 30-50 million in seconds if we were lucky with a 1-2% down spike. „

The massive amount of capital introduced into the market as a result of those 74 hours of continuous trading likely had lasting effects that may still affect Bitcoin.