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A Note to My Kid--a project of PFLAG National--gives the parents, families friends, and allies of the LGBTQ community the opportunity to share their unconditional love, via notes, photos, and videos.

PFLAG National is grateful to have adopted A Note To My Kid from its founders, Patrick Wallace, Mike Curry, and Michael Volpatt.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Letter to the World from Debi about Her Trans Kid

We received, via Facebook, a note in the form of a video link, asking us to take a watch and a listen as a woman took on the myths about transgender kids.

We watched and, well needless to say, we were absolutely blown away by this mom, Debi Jackson, whose letter to her transgender child comes in the form of an open speech to a crowd of people, addressing the inaccuracies that she and her family face every day.

Simply put: this is one rockin' mom. Thanks to her transgender daughter, she has become a fierce political activist for LGBT rights and acceptance. She has also recently started a website for parents of transgender and gender nonconforming children:

Most important? She swiftly blows away the stereotypes that the parents and allies of LGBTQ people are a one-size fits all group: same race, same religion, same political beliefs.  No, there is no catch-all. Because every family is different, every parent  is different, and every child is different.

And that's good enough.

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