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Friday, March 14, 2014

A Note from Ludmila to Her Future Family

Dear future son/daughter/nephew/niece/cousins/grandchildren,

I have come across this website by chance. I am a female in a relationship with a male. I am not gay nor is he but there's something important I want you to know:

If you are gay and if by the time I meet you our country, if not our world hasn't accepted homosexuality as equal as being born a diabetic you are wonderful.

My line of business sees a lot of death. Knowing that every human on this earth makes a difference in lives surrounding them. I don't want you to ever feel as though you aren't loved. In my mind I have pondered the situation where my child may come out and I have realized I would be sad. But not sad that you are attracted to the same sex, but that there is a chance others may tease you, hurt you, or mock you. This goes the same as children with disabilities. It is deeply rude and hurtful to gawk at someone who may be "different".

Everyone IS different. Not by politics, religion, or race. Once the world can accept that your life may have a few critics. I love you.

And for every child going through a tough time know that I support you. You may not know me but you know there is someone out there helping you up.


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  1. I tend to think that most people believe along the same lines as you do. I am a gay man who came out 2 years into a marriage. I could not except myself for who I was because I wanted to be accepted. The one thing that made me admit who I really am, was honesty. I needed to get ride of my façade. I also had to turn to God for help with my alcoholism. Please make a note of this, I do not consider myself Christian, but anyone attempting to live properly would be following in the footsteps of Christ. That is my background and now my comment. If I had children, I would want them to be safe but face incredible adversity. I trust God enough that he would only give them what they could handle. Without suffering there is no spiritual growth. Without suffering there is no spiritual growth. When we are faced with adversity we look deep inside and ask God for some help. This also tells God "I trust you." This process strengthens that relationship. Eventually, I found I did not need adversity to talk to God because I knew he was there. Feeling his love for me inside my heart was one of the most incredible feelings I have ever had. I am talking literally here. I honestly felt God's love. It would have never happened had I not faced the struggle of losing a 10 year relationship with the man of my dreams due to alcoholism. I apoke one time to a group about feeling like I was not accepted because I was gay. After, a man told me he felt the same way because he was black. Others had other reasons they did not feel accepted. For me the key to feeling accepted is having God's love in my heart, because then, say what you want to me because I really d9ont care.